A place that new initiatives and people will be able to use, where new ideas, concepts and enthusiasm for introducing positive changes in Wrocław will be born. We would like this space to be open to anyone wanting to learn about freedom thought or join an activity, and for existing collectives to use. To make it a place that is pleasant, pretty, and accessible to people with special needs.

We are raising funds to make this plan a reality! We are able to do a lot on our own, but not everything. Among other things, we need to fund:

  – rent and utility charges,

  – renovation materials (paint, tools, cleaning supplies, etc.),

  – installation of anti-burglary roller blinds,

– furnishings (we will try to purchase second hand items): chairs, speakers, interior blinds, projector screen, trash cans, poufs, refrigerator, etc,

  – equipment and supplies to support people with special needs (handrails, ramp, induction loop, etc.).

  Help us create another free place in Wroclaw. No violence, no hierarchy, no prejudice, and no hate!



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