Wolna Biblioteka and pl.anarchistlibrary.org has just published Edward Abramowski’s essay “Ethics and Revolution”.

Edward Abramowski – Ethics and Revolution

Polish political thinker, philosopher, psychologist and sociologist (1868-1918). Abramowski studied physics and biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He set up socialist youth circles there, co-organized the smuggling of illegal literature from abroad. He devoted himself to agitation work, maintained contacts with revolutionary circles in the country, and taught in workers’ circles. These activities absorbed him so much that he finally dropped out of college. Abramowski focused on the Marxist critique of capitalism. He pointed out that private property is a source of exploitation, he also wrote about social revolution as a way to a new system. Abramowski was in favor of liquidating the state and replacing it with a cooperative union associating – on a voluntary basis – free producers, responsible within the limits of their duties for shaping their own destinies and consciously engaging in social life. He contributed to the founding of the Society of Cooperatives, he was a co-founder of the cooperative magazine Społem. He also continued the ethical movement in the form of Friendship Unions. [more: https://web.archive.org/web/20071130072325/http://www.fmag.unict.it/~polphil/PolPhil/Abramo/Abramo.html]



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